Hockey and Ringette Stick Decal Wrap Graphics Online Customizer Application

Since big tech companies not allowing to use the flash version of the online wrap customizer we are trying to give you a solution to customize your wraps while we are working on the new application. please click on the following link to use our temporary solution: Wrap Customizer

We are sorry, but the customizer doesn't work with Firefox, because of incompatibility & security issues. Hopefully their next release will support the web standards.
Please use a compatible browser as Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, Chrome, etc.

Hockey and Ringette Stick Decal Wrap Graphics Start the Online Customizer Application

How? Check this Video !

It's Your Turn, Launch the Decal Wrap Customizer and Make Your Design Now !

Hockey and Ringette Stick Decal Wrap Graphics Online Customizer Application Main Features

Unique Real-time instant 3D-View !
260+ High Resolution Backgrounds to pick from
150+ Color Kickers to choose from
Cannot Find Your Favourite Kicker? Upload Yours !
50+ Fonts with Outline, Double Outline and/or Shadow
16 Custom Cut-lines & Chevrons for Goalie Paddles
Gradient Editor with Templates and Alpha Support
Pattern and Tartan Editor
  • ~Unlimited Design Variations Give You the Real Freedom !
  • You can Select from our Pre-Defined Decal Design Templates or Design Your Own Decals Wrap Graphics.
  • Layered Design : Base Color + Background Image or Pattern + Gradient with Alpha + Mask + Texts and Kickers
  • Choose from 50+ Mask Images to Easily Change on the Base Design !
  • Separated Chevrons for the Top and Bottom Parts. 0-3 Chevrons per Ends in any colors.
  • Editable Kicker Size and Position : Top and/or Bottom of Stick and/or Before and/or After Texts on each Side.
  • Precise Measurement Settings for Your Stick, not just Pre-Defined Sizes (17-55" Long and 70-105mm Wide)
  • Save Your Designs, and You will be able to Use them in the Future !

Since You Know everything You Need, it's Time to Start Your Design !

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