Help and F.A.Q.s about hockey & ringette stick decals

What is a Hockey Stick / Lacrosse Shaft Wrap-Around Decal ?

  • Wrap around stick decals are vinyl based, high quality, and full color, solvent printed and laminated stickers. They cover all the four sides of your ringette or hockey player sticks' shaft until the tapered area, or the whole lacrosse shaft. On hockey goalie sticks the shafts are covered the same way, the paddles are covered only on the surface, but not the edges. Our online customizer's 3D viewer shows you exactly how the decal(s) look on the stick.

How can I Order from Decal-24 ?

  • Create your own decal design using our online decal customizer application, put the finished design into the shopping cart, and then click on the "Checkout Now" button on the right hand side > > > > >

  • In case you want something different that the online customizer doesn't allow you to design, you can send your home-made design as well, for this please contact us at, and we will send you the ftp link to upload your design. In case we get your print ready design, there is no additional cost for this.

  • We can design your custom decal; just send us your ideas about that. We charge an additional $25.00 for custom design service. For Team or Association orders this service is FREE.

How can I Measure My Stick, How should I Know What Length and Width I need ?

  • You need to measure your stick handle's exact diameter and set that size into the customizer. We will automatically add 3 millimetres overlap to your decal for the perfect fit. You can measure the handle's diameter with a piece of tape, sheet of paper, etc., as the image shows you.
    Regarding to the decal's length, you can start your decal at the top of your stick or a bit lower under the taped area. Even if you start at the top of your stick, you can define this on the design. The decal's length usually is the length of your stick's handle until the tapered part begins. On goalie sticks, you need to do the same on the handle, and picture will show you how to measure the paddle. Please click on the image and check the diagrams below :

How Long do I need to Wait to Get My Decals ?

  • We are sending your high resolution design of your decal by email within 12 hours after the order is made. You must confirm that your decal is ready for print, and we are mailing your decals in 24 hours. Shipping time is around 1-4 business days to Canadian addresses, 3-6 business days to US addresses, and 4-14 business days to international addresses.

How can I Apply My Decal ?

  • This part is really easy, it takes only 5-10 minutes per decals for player sticks, or decal sets for goalie sticks. Please click on the image below to visit the "how to apply" page with step-by-step instructions :

Can I re-Order My Previously ordered Decals ?

  • Sure. All your previous orders are in file, you can simply reorder them by sending us the previous order number. If you do not know the order number, please contact us !

Can I Protect My Stick Using Decals ?

  • Definitely, beside your decal is another light-weight, but protective layer on your stick, you won't experience any disadvantages by applying a decal onto your stick.

What Kind of Payment Methods Do You Accept ?

  • Currently we accept PayPal and Credit-Card payments through Paypal's secure website. Paypal is the easiest and safest way to pay.

Do You have Decals for Goalie Sticks ?

  • Absolutely. Only at Decal-24, we are offering you decal graphics for hockey and ringette player sticks, hockey and ringette goalie sticks, lacrosse shafts and for mini sticks.

Will the decal's colors be as vivid on the sticks as they appear on my screen ?

  • In short : the printed colors are the closest possible colors you see on screen.
    In details : nobody can print the same exact colors. The two color systems (RGB for screen, CMYK for print) are really different from each other, and usually the monitors' calibration are different as well from each other. The blue will be blue, the red will be red in print, the level of shades might differ, however. Please find a comparison below (click on image for full view) :

Can I use my picture as a kicker ?

  • Yes, you can convert your picture into a kicker by the online customizer, the printed picture has high/photo quality print.

Why cannot I use the customizer with Firefox ?

  • Unfortunately, Firefox is not compatible with our security needs. This was tested with Firefox 9, hopefully they will follow the standards with their next releases.
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