How to Apply the Decals onto Hockey and Ringette Player and Goalie Sticks

On this page we show you how to apply your stick decal onto your hockey or ringette stick. The whole process doesn't take longer than 5-10 minutes, even if you are applying your first decal in your life. You can apply your decal starting at the very top of your stick, or you can start the decal a tad lower as well. We suggest cleaning your whole stick, removing previous tape/stickers, reading all the steps carefully before you start to understand better the whole process.
We will start with a player stick, then at the bottom of this page we will show you the goalie stick's paddle too :

We won't use any special tools for the application, all you need is a paper box, a knife/scissors to make a 1cm wide vertical hole on the box, and something to support the top part, such as duct-tape
Put the blade into the hole, and put the end of the stick onto the tape roll. Remove the back part of the decal and find the "center mark" at the top. Place the top of decal onto the stick, press and hold it down only at a spot.
Holding the decal above the stick, find the center point at the bottom as well, then put it down. Check the name bar/front text if the decal is centered exactly, if so, squeegee it down with your finger.
Fold the decal onto the sides, starting with the radius part (between the front and the sides) inch by inch. In case you have wrinkles, you can pull the decal back any time in order to smooth them out.
Squeegee both sides. Take your time, pay attention to all the details.
Start pressing the other radius part, and fold the decal onto the back on one side only, inch by inch.
Fold the other side of the decal onto the back and squeegee the whole length, including the overlap area.
When you are ready and your decal looks good on your stick, press firmly the whole surface with a soft cloth to activate the adhesive.

Since above we've just learned how to apply a decal on a stick handle, we will skip this part with the goalie stick, and start with the paddles, this is the really easy part :

Remove the back of the decal, start to apply it on the top, holding the decal above the paddle.
Inch by inch squeegee the decal onto the paddle, with your finger or a sponge, or a soft-edged plastic card, etc.
When you are ready on both sides, and your decals looks accurate, and in the good position on the paddles, press firmly the whole surface with a soft cloth to activate the adhesive.
And here is the most important step:
Enjoy your unique sticks, now it's time to go to play and win !!!

All the stick decals we sell are overlaminated for high quality protection, but in case you want to add an extra protective layer, you can spray your perfectly applied decal with a transparent clear coat bought from any hardware store.

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